Thursday, February 21, 2013

Edison Style Lamp [DIY]

After seeing this DIY by Three Little Black Birds on Pinterest I just had to give it a try too!
I love the style of these lamps and plan to hang mine once I find the perfect spot in my new apartment!

The hardest part of this whole process was trying to find somewhere locally that sold a simple cord kit!

All you need for this DIY:
1. Mason Jar 
2. Light Bulb (I got mine at Menards for $9)
3. Cord Kit - Tough one to find, but they also sell them online
(For an idea - here's one at Urban Outfitters)
4. Hammer and Nail
5. Pliers of some sort

I apologize for the all the 'in process' crappy cell phone pictures!
It's just too convenient.

I started out initially trying to drill the holes into the cap,
but I couldn't keep the drill still enough (thus, the scratch marks on the lid).
So instead I decided to just nail the holes into the lid, much safer :)
Once I got the hole punched out of the center - the black light fixture was still a little too big to fit.
Using a needle nose pliers I bent out the sides and then flattened them so I would still be able
to screw the light fixture pieces together. (Nothing poking out)

Here's a close up below -


 Once everything came together it was just a matter of
putting the lid on the base of the mason jar and testing out the light! :)